TowerBrook Partnering with us

Partnering with TowerBrook

As investors, we seek to strengthen businesses, helping them to improve their performance and increase their value.

That means ensuring alignment on the strategy for value creation, agreeing on clear objectives and deliverables, setting appropriate metrics to measure progress, and supporting management with strong, value-adding Boards as well as with TowerBrook’s Portfolio Group.

We partner with entrepreneurial management teams who welcome challenges and appreciate the importance of good governance. We work to ensure that the Boards and management teams of all the companies we invest in are familiar with our Responsible Ownership Statement, aligned with our values and principles, and equipped to put them into practice.

TowerBrook VisionOn events bring together sector experts, senior managers and members of our team in a small, private forum where they can exchange ideas and chart new opportunities for sustainable value creation.

Through sharing our experience and insights, we aim to make mutually beneficial connections, stimulate creative thinking and partner with leaders to deliver value for our investors, now and in the future.