Our approach

TowerBrook’s value creation strategy aims to transform the capabilities and the prospects of the businesses in which we invest.

We invest both through our Private Equity Funds and our Structured Opportunities Funds, allowing us to access a range of opportunities throughout the cycle. Our overall objective is to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns to investors on a consistent and responsible basis. This requires a commitment to fundamental value and a highly disciplined approach to the assessment and management of our investments.

We work as a single, integrated team that has grown in parallel in Europe and the USA since the inception of TowerBrook. Our entrepreneurial, multinational and cross-cultural approach allows us to act with speed and certainty in multiple jurisdictions.

Read more about TowerBrook’s mission here and about our team members here.

Private Equity strategy

TowerBrook’s Private Equity strategy is to pursue control-oriented investments in large and mid-market companies, principally on a proprietary basis and often in situations characterised by complexity. These may include management/shareholder dislocation, a distressed parent company or an out-of-favour industry where we nonetheless identify attractive potential for significant growth.

The success of our strategy depends on our ability to choose well, to buy well, to structure our investments appropriately and to harness the right expertise to unlock growth. Our team of seasoned investment professionals is complemented by a network of experienced advisers. We work in close partnership with them and with highly talented senior managers to optimise the performance of our portfolio companies.

Structured Opportunities strategy

TowerBrook’s Structured Opportunities strategy leverages our experience and expertise to allow us to invest in opportunities that fall outside the investment parameters of our Private Equity strategy. We define structured opportunities as complex transactions incorporating contractual downside protection that take advantage of changing market conditions, or situation-specific events where traditional control-oriented Private Equity attributes may not apply.

Our Structured Opportunities investment universe includes multiple asset classes, from stressed and distressed debt instruments in both primary and secondary markets to structured equity and structured assets.

A responsible owner

We encourage our partners and portfolio companies to share our commitment to the principles of responsible ownership. Together, we are actively involved in helping to promote good practices that sustain not only the businesses in which we invest but the communities in which we operate.

Read more about our responsible ownership policy here.