TowerBrook Capital Partners Announces Significant Investment in Kaporal

May 21, 2013

TowerBrook Capital Partners L.P. (“TowerBrook”) has made a majority investment in Kaporal (“Kaporal” or the “Company”), a French-based wholesaler and retailer of men and women’s fashion.

TowerBrook had been in talks with Laurent Emsellem, the founder and majority owner of Kaporal, since the middle of 2012. The transaction was signed on an exclusive basis, demonstrating our mutual understanding of the exciting future of the Company.

Founded in 2003 by Laurent Emsellem, Kaporal began as a Marseille-based denim supplier and has grown into a well-recognised lifestyle brand in France. Kaporal has expertise across both wholesale and retail channels and is known for its quality, fashionable, well-priced products. More recently, the Company has made a number of key strategic hires including the current CEO, Santiago Cuchy, and CFO, Bénédicte Weimar.

Laurent has been integral to the success of the business and will continue as an investor in the Company under TowerBrook’s ownership and in his capacity as board member. He will be joined on the board by the CEO, Santiago Cuchy, as well as Daniel Bernard and Michael Rahamim, newly appointed as Executive Chairman and non-executive director respectively. MBO Partenaires, the existing minority shareholder, will re-invest in the Company following a successful period of ownership since 2008.

TowerBrook has significant retail experience and international expertise to support the Kaporal management team in continuing to expand the business over the next few years. There are particularly attractive opportunities in product development and greater focus across all current channels of distribution including an expansion of the Company’s retail and wholesale strategies and further growth in the online channel. The Company has made important steps recently to support its current management team through key hires across the organisation.

Laurent Emsellem, Founder Kaporal, commented:

“We have worked hard over the years to build our Company and I look forward to taking its growth to the next level with the support of TowerBrook. I strongly believe that TowerBrook, with its extensive retail experience, is the perfect partner to develop specific areas of the business, such as our retail and online strategies, with longer-term potential for expansion outside of our core markets today.”

Karim Saddi, TowerBrook Managing Director, said:

“We have developed a clear plan of operational and strategic improvements for both the retail and wholesale businesses. Our relationship with the Kaporal management team is absolutely fundamental and it is with great confidence that we move forward together.”

Winston Ginsberg, TowerBrook Managing Director, said:

“We are delighted to be able to make a significant investment in Kaporal. As one of the leading French retail clothing brands with a very well established heritage we believe it has strong growth opportunities.”

The transaction is expected to close in July 2013.