DISA is a leading provider of industrial employee screening services, including drug and alcohol testing, background screening, occupational health screening and safety training.

DISA’s services include program design, implementation, reporting and records management, allowing its safety sensitive clients to completely outsource their screening and compliance programs. DISA’s proprietary online management system, DISAWorks, enables clients to manage their compliance programs over the internet and provides secure, centralized collection and analysis of the data produced by each screen. DISAWorks also helps clients to (i) efficiently track employee compliance, (ii) manage risk, (iii) centralize data management and (iv) reduce administrative overhead. The DISA Contractor Consortium program is a unique offering in which contract employee data is pooled for the benefit of multiple employers. DISA’s clients include nearly 8,000 companies across the United States and abroad, predominantly in the industrial and energy sectors.

TowerBrook fully exited its position in DISA in December 2010 through a sale of the company to a financial buyer.