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TowerBrook Website Terms and Conditions

www.towerbrook.com (the “Website”) is a site operated by TowerBrook (who operates through TowerBrook Capital Partners L.P., TowerBrook Capital Partners LLC, TowerBrook Capital Partners Limited, and TowerBrook Capital Partners (U.K.) LLP (each a “TowerBrook Entity”, and together “we”, “TowerBrook”)).

TowerBrook Capital Partners (U.K.) LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (the “FCA”) in the United Kingdom (“UK”), and is entered in the FCA’s Financial Services Register with firm reference number 416020. To the extent that material on the Website is directed at users in the UK, it is issued or approved by TowerBrook Capital Partners (U.K.) LLP.

Use of the Website is subject to the following terms and conditions (the “Terms”). Please read these Terms carefully. By using the Website, you are deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and the regulatory restrictions governing the use of the Website. TowerBrook reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time. Please check these Terms frequently to ensure you understand the Terms that apply at that time.



The term “Partner” is used on the Website as the title applies internally within TowerBrook to certain senior professionals who are treated within TowerBrook as partners, but does not necessarily imply the carrying on of a business as a partner or in partnership.
The term “Principal” is used on the Website as the title applies internally within TowerBrook to certain employees of TowerBrook, but does not imply any form of agency relationship as between TowerBrook and such person.
The term “Management Advisory Board” is used on the Website as the term is used internally within TowerBrook to describe TowerBrook’s management advisory board committee; it is not a legal body.

No Offer

The distribution to you of the information on the Website is made solely and exclusively for the purpose of allowing you to review certain information about the TowerBrook Entities. Nothing on the Website should be construed as an offer, invitation or general solicitation to buy or sell any investments or securities, provide investment advisory services or to engage in any other transaction.


The content on the Website is subject to copyright with all rights reserved. You may download or print out a hard copy of individual pages and/or sections of the Website for personal use, provided you do not modify or remove any copyright or other proprietary notices. Any downloading or other copying from the Website will not transfer title to any content, software or material to you. TowerBrook’s status (and that of any identified contributors) as the authors of content on the Website must always be acknowledged. You may not reproduce (in whole or in part), transmit (by electronic means or otherwise), modify, link into or use for any public or commercial purpose the Website without TowerBrook’s prior written permission. Any unauthorised reproduction or use of the Website or the information presented therein, may subject you to prosecution, particularly for infringement of copyright. Any rights not expressly granted in these Terms are reserved.

Accuracy of Content

While TowerBrook uses reasonable efforts to obtain information from sources which we believe to be reliable, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is given by TowerBrook that the information or opinions contained in the Website are accurate, reliable or complete. Statements contained on the Website are based on expectations, estimates, projections, opinions and/or beliefs of TowerBrook as of the date of such information or as of the specific date(s) noted therein (as applicable). None of the TowerBrook Entities or their respective affiliates, members, Partners, Principals, stockholders, managers, directors, officers, employees or agents have any obligation to update any of the information contained on the Website. The information and opinions contained on the Website are provided by TowerBrook for personal use and informational purposes only. You are solely liable for any use you may make of this information. The information is inherently subject to change without notice and may become outdated. You, therefore, should verify any information obtained from the Website before you use it.
The Website is made available free of charge. TowerBrook do not guarantee that the Website, or any content on it, will always be available or be uninterrupted. We may suspend or withdraw or restrict the availability of all or any part of the Website for business and operational reasons.

Investment Performance Information

Information regarding the past performance of an investment is not necessarily indicative of the future performance of that investment. The value of investments may fall or rise. Such information is provided solely to illustrate TowerBrook’s investment experience, and processes and strategies previously used by TowerBrook.

No Advice

You should not rely on any information or opinions contained on the Website in making an investment or other decision; rather, you should obtain relevant and specific professional advice. Nothing contained on the Website constitutes or should be construed to constitute investment, legal, tax or other advice, and you should consult your own attorney, business advisor or tax advisor, as applicable. The information contained on the Website shall in no way be construed as constituting a recommendation with respect to the purchase or sale of any investment.

Exclusion of Liability

We exclude all implied conditions, warranties, representations or other terms that may apply to the Website or any content on it. To the fullest extent allowed by law, no TowerBrook Entity shall be liable for any direct or indirect losses, loss of profits, damages, costs or expenses incurred or suffered by you arising out of or in connection with the access to, use of or linking to other sites from the Website or reliance on any information contained on the Website. In no circumstances shall any TowerBrook Entity have any liability for consequential or special damages. Nothing in these Terms shall limit any TowerBrook Entity’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from any negligence of a TowerBrook Entity.

External Sites and Internet Security

The Website may contain links to other Websites (the “Linked Sites”). The Linked Sites are for your convenience only, and you access them at your own risk. We are not responsible for the content of the Linked Sites, whether or not we are affiliated with sponsors of the Linked Sites. We do not in any way endorse the Linked Sites, and do not guarantee that material on the Website will be free from infection, viruses or worms or other code which may have contaminating or destructive properties. You are fully responsible for ensuring protective steps are taken such as virus checking. You should be aware that the Internet, being an open network, is not secure. If you choose to send any electronic communications to TowerBrook by means of the Website, you do so at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that such communications will not be intercepted or changed or that they will reach the intended recipient safely.

Material Interests

Any TowerBrook Entity and/or its directors, officers, Partners, Principals, employees, agents or representatives may have or have had interests or positions in, or traded or acted as market maker in, relevant securities. Furthermore, such entities or persons may have or have had a relationship with, or may provide or have provided corporate finance or other services to, or serve or have served as, directors of relevant companies.

Trade Marks

TowerBrook and the TowerBrook logo are trade marks of TowerBrook Capital Partners L.P. You are not permitted to use them without our approval.

Permitted Users of the Website

To the extent that the Website is directed at users in the UK, it is directed only at the following persons: (a) persons who have professional experience in matters relating to investments and who are “Investment Professionals” as defined in Article 14 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Promotion of Collective Investment Schemes) (Exemptions) Order 2001 (the “CIS Exemptions Order”); (b) persons who are high net worth companies, unincorporated associations, partnerships or trusts falling within any of the categories of persons described in Article 22 of the CIS Exemptions Order; and (c) any other persons to whom it may otherwise lawfully be directed (together, “Relevant Persons”). This communication is not directed at, or to be acted or relied upon by, any person in the United Kingdom who is not a Relevant Person. Any investment or investment activity or service to which the Website relates is available only to persons in the UK who are Relevant Persons and who are also professional clients (as defined under FCA rules), and will be engaged in only with such persons.

Any investments or investment services which may be promoted on the Website are not available to private customers. In addition, such investments may not have been registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and, as such, may only be available to certain qualifying U.S. investors.

The Website is not directed at any person in any jurisdiction where (by reason of that person’s nationality, residence or otherwise) the publication or availability of the Website is prohibited. Persons in respect of whom such prohibitions apply must not access the relevant pages on the Website. However, the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction from which you access this site may include restrictions on the diffusion of information contained on the Website; it is your responsibility to ensure that your use complies with any restrictions or applicable local laws regarding use of the information on the Website.