TowerBrook Responsible Ownership™

TowerBrook Responsible Ownership™

As a purpose-driven investment firm, TowerBrook is committed to responsible ownership.

Responsible ownership considerations are integrated into every stage of our investment process and drive the development of policies, action plans and metrics for our portfolio companies.

We describe TowerBrook’s approach to responsible ownership in terms of five Ps: starting from a shared Purpose, we focus on People, Planet and Partnership, all of which contribute to delivering the fifth P: Performance.

We invest in companies that can deliver profitable growth by providing valued products and services, offering inclusive access to worthwhile jobs and making a positive contribution to their communities. TowerBrook partners with its portfolio companies to embed responsible risk management processes, pursue Board and management diversity and implement rigorous environmental, social and governance policies.

We hold ourselves and our portfolio companies accountable to our investors, their beneficiaries and all our stakeholders. We are committed to reporting regularly to our investors on our responsible ownership performance, both as investors and within our own firm.

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TowerBrook has received certification as a B Corporation, becoming the first mainstream private equity firm in the world to receive this recognition.

B Corps are purpose-driven businesses that create benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. B Corp certification is administered by the non-profit B Lab movement via a rigorous assessment and verification process that ensures B Corps meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and legal accountability.

The certification of TowerBrook as a B Corp recognises the firm’s longstanding commitment to social and environmental stewardship and formalises its obligation to uphold this commitment.

Please click here to view TowerBrook’s B Impact Report.

Certified B Corporation

TowerBrook adheres to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). In doing so, TowerBrook commits to investing in a manner that demonstrates our implementation of the PRI’s Six Principles for Responsible Investment. TowerBrook also commits to reporting to the PRI annually in a transparent manner on our activities and our progress towards implementing the principles. TowerBrook’s Transparency Report can be viewed here.

The PRI provides reporting signatories with an assessment of their progress in responsible investment. The assessment is designed to provide signatories with an understanding of where their organization sits in relation to peers at local and global level, across asset classes, and over time. Its purpose is to help signatories identify and prioritize areas for improvement, and to stimulate dialogue between signatories on responsible investment activities and processes. TowerBrook’s Assessment Report can be viewed here.

The PRI Assessment Methodology can be found on

As a member of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA), TowerBrook Capital Partners (UK) LLP welcomes the Guidelines for Disclosure and Transparency in Private Equity published by Sir David Walker in November 2007 (the “Guidelines”) and is committed to conforming to those Guidelines on a comply or explain basis. To view our latest Guidelines, please click here.

TowerBrook has arrangements in place to ensure that any conflicts of interest that may arise in relation to our investment activities are managed fairly.

Pursuant to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of Japan, effective as of March 1, 2016, a person who has submitted a notification regarding Specially Permitted Businesses for Qualified Institutional Investors is required to make available to the public certain information.  Such information regarding TowerBrook Investors, Ltd. and its affiliates can be obtained upon request by emailing

The TowerBrook Foundation invests in the communities in which we live and work by partnering with carefully selected organisations that are aligned with our purpose and values and where our contribution can have a lasting impact.

The TowerBrook Foundation was established in 2006 by the partners of the firm and is an integral part of our identity and culture. It reinforces the values we seek to promote within our business. We believe that giving together will help us to grow as a firm as well as making a lasting difference to those we support.

We engage in a range of activities that include supporting charities to become more effective; devoting resources in kind, including volunteering, to practical projects; and helping to raise awareness of the charities’ work, including among our portfolio companies, so that they can grow and thrive.

The TowerBrook Foundation is funded from the profits of our business and is registered as a charity.