TowerBrook joins Council for Inclusive Capitalism with The Vatican

February 19, 2021

TowerBrook Capital Partners (“TowerBrook”) announced today that it has joined the Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican. The Council is a global nonprofit organisation that joins moral and market imperatives to build a more inclusive, sustainable, and trusted economic system that addresses the needs of our people and the planet.

“I am thrilled to welcome TowerBrook to the Council and look forward to working with them as they take the necessary actions to ensure a better future for us all,” said Meredith Sumpter, CEO of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism.

The Council is rooted in action. Upon joining, Council members commit their organisations to measurable and meaningful acts to create equality of opportunity, equitable outcomes, and fairness across generations and to those whose circumstances prevent them from full participation in the economy. Explore the actions Council members have already committed to here.

The Council was launched in December with the belief that businesses have a responsibility and the capability to create stronger, fairer, and more dynamic economies and societies. Council membership is open to all companies and organisations who are willing to make measurable, public commitments toward more inclusive and sustainable business practices. You can see the full list of Council members here.