La Maison Bleue is a specialist in day-care nursery management for both corporate clients and local authorities.

Launched 10 years ago in France, La Maison Bleue maintains a core set of values of providing a coherent and communal educational project across all nurseries, with furniture and equipment specifically designed for the nursery, as well as engaged teachers and other nursery staff trained in-house and offering a high level of service. La Maison Bleue seeks to provide parents with a coherent childcare offering to ease the transition between their family and professional lives. With 180 integrated nurseries, and a further 700 available through a dedicated booking system (, La Maison Bleue provides 7,000 nursery places and employs over 2,300 staff. Additional services, such as home care, school run help and home teaching, are available through Solutions Familles La Maison Bleue.