Archimica manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ("APIs") and late stage intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry. An API is the active molecule in a drug, it is the component of the final pharmaceutical product that gives it its remedial properties.

The Company serves both the innovator (research-based branded pharma groups) and the generics pharma industry. It is a top 10 player in the pharma fine chemicals sector. It currently is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and has operations across Europe and North America.

The Company is essentially what remains of Clariant’s $2bn acquisition of the UK fine chemicals company BTP plc in 2000. As growth and profitability goals failed to be achieved from 2000, Clariant subsequently wrote down the BTP acquisition and downsized by selling and closing a number of sites.

Archimica was acquired by Prime European Therapeutical SpA (“Euticals”), a portfolio company of Mandarin Capital Partners, an Italian based private equity fund with €328 million of assets under management.